Polar Oceans Technology committee

Addressing science and technology challenges in the Arctic and Antarctic.


Platforms to be used for studying the polar regions.

Data Products

Outputs and interpretations derived from the data collected.

Observational tools

Technologies for exploring the Arctic and Antarctic.

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Polar Oceans

The Polar Oceans Technology committee supports the work addressing challenges in science and technology in the Arctic and Antarctic, through relevant streams in conferences and the hosting of workshops and symposia.

Polar Oceans Initiative


Research and development in the Arctic and Antarctic regions is dependent on infrastructure that requires long term planning and substantial budgets.


The deployment of engineering and technology solutions in the polar oceans must be adapted to the harsh conditions there. All science and development goals are subject to weather extremes and remoteness, where even the simplest of measurements need special technology support.


The challenges to monitoring changes in ocean physics and biology, sea ice and ice shelf dynamics need to be met so that we can understand and predict the future of the Earth system.

Commerce and Industry

Commercial operations such as transportation and mineral extraction industries need R & D support to manage the technical and operational challenges. In the Arctic Ocean receding sea ice is opening previously inaccessible sea lanes, which is providing increased commercial opportunities.

Environmental Monitoring and Research

The Antarctic region is governed by an international treaty that encourages research and focuses on environmental solutions for the physical systems of ice and water as well as for the unique ecology.

Exploring the polar Oceans, together.

A Technology committee acting as an international coordinating group to support the work addressing challenges in science and technology in Polar regions.


Promoting interactions via conferences and symposia.

Information Hub

To be a resource center for participants.

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Work with like-minded professionals passionate about polar ocean exploration.


Spread the word on the importance of researching the lesser known worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Meet The Committee

Andreas Marouchos

Andreas Marouchos

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Siri Jodha Khalsa

Siri Jodha Khalsa

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
University of Colorado, Boulder
Malcolm Heron

Malcolm Heron

PortMap Remote Sensing Pty Ltd.
Rene Garello

Rene Garello